La Rioja "Land of Inventors". Interview with the daily newspaper La Rioja to our R & D department.


The Patents-Teinsa relationship is indissoluble in La Rioja; In fact, eight of the inventions of the company dedicated to the design, manufacture and maintenance of air conditioning and fluid installations have that title. "We focus our work on care for the environment and energy saving", says Antonio Aguirre, accompanied by his colleague in the area of R & D, Jacobo Lousas.

Among its developments we may highlight that which allows for a dam to be “invisible”, in an environmental sense. "The water that comes out of the hydraulic dam is colder because the turbine takes it from the deepest part, it also has a lower amount of oxygen and carries mud resulting in both the fauna and flora disappearing from the river for miles. With our system, which collects water from the top without having to change the turbine and without causing a loss of efficiency, we avoid the environmental impact, making the dam invisible, ecologically speaking, "summarizes Aguirre.

No less surprising is its air conditioning system by layers. "Imagine a large atrium of 10 meters high. If you have to heat this room you have to heat it completely from top to bottom. Our patent, using at all times the same materials as a traditional system and by means of positioning and control of devices, allows heating of only the two and a half meters closest to the ground. The savings are enormous”, explained Aguirre and Lousas.

And a Riojan company cannot ignore the wine . "We have a very interesting patent for reducing wastage of wine in oak barrels with a system that monitors environmental variables (temperature, humidity, air speed ...), and which two wineries in Rioja have already installed", they conclude.