European Projects R+D+I

  • Haifree

    Novel filtration technology targeted at restraining the spread of hospital acquired infections (HAI).

    Website: Project HAIfree

  • Terra Therma

    System of use of the geothermal energy for the air conditioning of buildings.

    Website project:


  • Hestor

    Development of a Thermal Storage Application for HVAC solutions based on Phase Change Materials.

  • Reduction conditioned air systems the consumption of cooling liquids aggressive

    Reduction in the conditioned air systems of the buildings of the consumption of cooling liquids that are aggressive with the environment .


  • Energy Safe

    Advanced system of low cost for the intelligent control of buildings that assures the maximum comfort in the buildings and saves energy.


  • Emishield

    Cables system  both of data and force that will avoid the electromagnetic interferences that generate for example the changed over power supplies.


  • Dehumid

    Dehumidifier system of low cost to get the reduction of the humidity in the buildings and thus to be able to reduce the number of air conditioning equipments that are installed at the moment.


  • Securitac

    High reliability, low cost, stackable power supply for security systems.