Security and Labour Health at Work

Prevention Policy

Técnique in Installations of Fluids, by means of its preventive policy, establishes a working frame and several specific guidelines so that our organization acts within an effective preventive  system, documented and integrated into its productive processes and all our activities, guaranteeing in this way the safety and health of each and every person employed at Teinsa.
The prevention has to be developed in accordance with article 14.2 of the law 31/1995 on Prevention of Labour Risks as a permanent action of improvement, applying:
  • The planning of preventive actions, which arises from risk evaluation. It implies fixing the aims and the annual work program, adapting the organization and the necessary means.  
  • The execution of the set of planned actions, implementing procedures of action complemented with the necessary training.  
  • Measurement and control of the work carried out, evaluating its results.  
  • The adoption of the corresponding actions of improvement of the system.


Teinsa has the following preventive organization:

  • Outside Service of Prevention..

By means of the agreement established with MC Mutual, for the accomplishment of the preventive activities, under the protection of what is established in the article 20 of the RD39/1997, of January the 17th, by what it is approved the regulation of the Services of Prevention.

The included disciplines are:

- Security in the work.

- Industrial hygiene.

- Ergonomics and Psicosociology.

- Medicine of the work.

  • Coordinator of Security and Health.

Within the own human structure of the company a Highly qualified Technician of Prevention is included for the coordination of all the actions that may be necessary to guarantee the safety and health of the workers of the company.