Solar Thermal

Management and Maintenance of Thermal Solar Instalations

In keeping with our policy of improving energy savings, TEINSA is committed to starting up any solar thermal system that is unused or where their performance is below expectations.
To do this, we will study the facility and possible improvements, and without cost to the customer, we will make a proposal acting as ESE (Energy Service Company), ie, repaying the investment with the energy savings generated by our performance in the solar installation.
With this policy TEINSA makes a commitment to charge only if the system produces the expected savings. Therefore, our client will not make any investment, passing to its ownership the modified and / or repaired installation within the time agreed by both parties, once the cost of the work required has been amortized .
TEINSA thus contributes to demonstrating the efficiency of solar installations, assuming the risk of the technical improvement, without investment by the owner and applying the latest technologies developed by the R & D department of the company in the last years, ensuring an optimal performance of solar installations and thereby contributing to the confirmation that solar power is an ideal solution for improving energy performance in buildings.